Another visit to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). Another fun Friday. Friday evenings @ MoMA are FREE!

Although I didn’t stay as long there as I had during my last visit (in January), MoMA proved to be just as intriguing. Starting with the video game exhibits on the second level (Pong, Tempest, Ms. Pac Man, Asteroids), my friend Craig and I walked amongst projections of light flowers, flashing screens,  land-mine-inspired creations, and eclectic interiors.

Pink Panther with a mermaid at MoMA

Ultimately, we sauntered to the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit, where I couldn’t help noticing how one of his proposed buildings, a never-built skyscraper to be named the Mile High Illinois, seemed a precursor to the current World Trade Center . You can see how, like the Freedom Tower,  the Mile High Illinois was to have tapering along its sides to reduce wind impact.

I got there kind of late (almost 6pm) but still saw sights aplenty. Afterward, I had a hankering for Mexican food – after having recommended such a venue to  a lass from the London area (via Austin Texas). I hope she took my advice. One cannot hope to have enough burritociousness in a single lifetime.